Recruit and retain committed, honest and qualified staff, who recognize the value of clients needs.


Mission: SMT is one of the MFI’s in Sierra Leone, whose mission is “To reduce poverty among the economically active poor by providing sustainable access to financial services”.

Vision: SMT’s vision is “To be a financially self-sufficient institution, with an outreach that is broad, deep and having a significant impact on the lives’ of the economically active poor and their families”.


“To me,  SMT is my mother, father and everything. I have nowhere to turn to for financial support apart from SMT. Hence, I hold SMT in high esteem”.

Yeabu Kanu

  • Group Loans
  • Individual Loans
  • Salary, Housing                 Rehabilitation and              Education Loans:
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Small Medium Enterprise      (SME) Loans:

Help microentrepreneurs build their capacity to manage businesses.

Increase target areas independence from humanitarian assistance.

Support microentrepreneurs to strengthen and expand their businesses.


“Without SMT’s assistant, it could have been very difficult for me to achieve what I have achieved so far”

Abdul Koroma


Sustainable Microfinance Services to the Economically Active Poor



Services - Group Loans,Individual Loans, Salary, Housing Rehabilitation and Education Loans, Agricultural Loans, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Loans